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Rick Perry in Charleston

Good Riddance, Rick

CHARLESTON, SC–Texas Gov. Rick Perry ended his presidential campaign as he began it: with self-righteousness and pomposity.

With his wife Anita looking at him the whole time, Perry affected the same swagger that was the hallmark of his candidacy.… More…

Jon Huntsman and family celebrate in Manchester, NH

They Live to Fight Another Day


Mitt Romney campaigning in New Hampshire

Romney’s Big Gaffe

CONCORD, NH–Mitt Romney’s tightly controlled campaign unraveled a bit on the very eve of the New Hampshire primary when the former Massachusetts governor made his biggest error yet–and on a subject that has proved to be his Achilles heel.

Speaking … More…

Jon Huntsman campaigns in New Hampshire

Huntsman Fights the Good Fight

KEENE, NH–Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. has been surging in the latest tracking polls here. It won… More…

Richard Viguerie ConservativeHQ

The Right Closes Ranks Against Romney

CONCORD, NH–This may be the moment conservatives have been waiting for. Finally a candidate has emerged that they can get behind as an alternative to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, whose well-oiled machine has him steaming steadily towards the Republican … More…

Rep. Michele Bachmann

She’s Out

Rep. Michele Bachmann is throwing in the towel on her presidential campaign.

After finishing with a dismal 5% of the vote in Iowa, where she was born and where the large number of evangelical Christians made the state a natural … More…

Mitt Romney in Iowa

Winners and Losers in the Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa caucuses are over, thank God, amid a neck-and-neck battle that had former Gov. Mitt Romney best former Sen. Rick Santorum by just eight… More…

Rick Santorum

The Next GOP Dropout Will Be…

The Iowa caucuses are now less than two weeks away, and it… More…

President Obama meets Congressional leaders

Another DC Deadlock

Here we go again.

A likely vote in the House of Representatives Tuesday will confirm what we already know: The bill passed by the US Senate extending the payroll tax cut is dead.

In a deal struck by Senate leaders … More…

Fox News Debate

Gingrich and Romney Hang in, But Paul Falls

Thursday night’s Fox News Republican presidential debate marked the official end of the 2012 campaign’s pre-season. The opening night kickoff is January 3rd at the Iowa caucuses.

The debate, extremely well moderated by a smart, well-prepared team of Fox … More…