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Former President George W. Bush

The Curse of the Bush Tax Cuts

Updated July 15, 2012

It’s the summer of 2012, President George W. Bush has been out of office for 3 ½ years, and  the biggest issue of the presidential campaign is whether to keep his signature tax cuts, which were … More…

Rep Robert Andrews

Congress May Cut Debt the Easy Way

You can always count on Congress to do the stupidest things in the ugliest ways.

Their latest debacle: the collapse of the so-called super committee that was supposed to find over $1 trillion in deficit reductions. Republicans and Democrats couldn… More…

A politician giving a speech

The Speech About Jobs No Politician Would Make

This is a mythical speech about the economy by a mythical politician. Any relation to real political figures is purely coincidental.… More…

The Stimulus Not Taken

Ezra Klein had a thorough, well-reported piece on where the Obama stimulus package went wrong. His main point: The economic collapse was much worse than anyone realized at the time, but the stimulus package he got was the most that … More…

President Obama at Chrysler Plant

President's Latest “Plan” Is Too Little, Too Late

Reports are surfacing that President Obama is preparing a fall offensive on the economy. He wants to combine short-term stimulus to boost job creation with longer-term deficit reduction .

Some of the ideas reportedly include giving tax cuts for businesses … More…

Trader in the S&P pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Washington Helped Tank the Markets

Late Thursday afternoon I took my bike in for some repairs.… More…