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2nd Term Inauguration White House Photo Sonya N Hebert (540×360)

What the Obama Presidency Really Means

President Obama is still in the first year of his second term and a lot will happen between now and 2016, but we already can glimpse what his legacy will be.

As I’ve written, the trio of scandals that … More…

President Obama with top legislative and economic advisers in the White House Pete Souza (540×360)

Four Ways President Obama Can Cement His Legacy

President Obama is going through one of the periodic rough patches of his presidency. From the collapse of his campaign against the automatic spending cuts in the “sequester” to the failure to pass universal background checks for gun purchases, … More…

House Republican leadership gives press conference in April (540×359)

Republicans Are Still Main Culprit in Beltway Gridlock

Following his defeat over legislation that would close the “gun show” loophole; stalled immigration reform, and a setback over FAA funding in the automatic spending “sequester,” President Obama is facing a torrent of media criticism that he’s lost his “juice.”More…

President Obama at April 30 White House press conference (540×405)

Obama Tries to Avoid Health Care ‘Train Wreck’

President Obama was on the defensive during much of Tuesday’s White House press conference, but he pushed back at NBC’s Chuck Todd’s question about worries over implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

…For the 85 to 90 percent of


Austerity Hasn’t Lost the Battle Yet

Austerity Hasn’t Lost the Battle Yet

The amazing discrediting of one of the most influential research papers of our time—Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Rinehart’s 2010 “Growth in a Time of Debt”—has mobilized opponents of austerity around the globe.

As we wrote last week, the paper, which … More…

Bush Was the Worst President of the Last 50 Years

Bush Was the Worst President of the Last 50 Years

On Thursday President Obama and the four living former presidents will travel to Dallas to dedicate the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Southern Methodist University. Everyone will no doubt say kind things about the 43rd president, … More…

Kenneth Rogoff small Canada 2020

Rogoff and Reinhart’s Screw-Up May Undercut Austerity

So, now it seems that the paper heard ‘round the world—the 2010 study by Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart that said economic growth goes negative when debt gets too big—was deeply flawed.

The two researchers, now both Harvard professors, … More…

Marco Rubio on Face the Nation (540×354)

Rubio Takes a Calculated Risk on Immigration Reform

There was Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida on seven—that’s right, seven– different Sunday talk shows, making the case for immigration reform.

Rubio will join eight Senators of both parties to present the bill officially on Tuesday. It promises to be More…

President Obama Unveils 2014 Budget (540×405)

President’s Budget Is a Small Step Forward

President Obama finally presented his 2014 budget Wednesday, and the coverage has been mostly favorable, except on the progressive left and the Tea Party right.

Progressives were enraged at the president for changing the way cost-of-living increases are calculated for … More…

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan Official White House Photo Margaret Thatcher Foundation (540×489)

How Thatcher Set the Template for Reagan

Love her or hate her, one thing is beyond dispute: Margaret Thatcher mattered.

The grocer’s daughter from Grantham, England became the United Kingdom’s first woman prime minister. She also served the longest of any PM in the 20th Century. … More…