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Carl Bernstein on Morning Joe (540×405)

IRS Scandal Is Outrageous, But It’s Not Watergate

In a week full of media outrage—from the semi-scandal, at best, of Benghazi, to the truly frightening and dangerous Justice Department investigation of the Associated Press (which I’ll write about Wednesday), the IRS’s  targeting of conservative groups for More…

President Obama and PM David Cameron at White House

Pushing Back on Benghazi

Last week’s hearings on Benghazi by the House Oversight Committee must have hit a nerve, because President Obama blasted his critics at a joint White House news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Labeling it a “political circus,” the More…

President Obama with top legislative and economic advisers in the White House Pete Souza (540×360)

Four Ways President Obama Can Cement His Legacy

President Obama is going through one of the periodic rough patches of his presidency. From the collapse of his campaign against the automatic spending cuts in the “sequester” to the failure to pass universal background checks for gun purchases, … More…

Al Gore speaks in 2009 Skoll World Forum (540×360)

Al Gore Took the Money and Ran

Now comes word from Bloomberg BusinessWeek that former vice-president Al Gore is “Romney –rich,” with a net worth upwards of $200 million.

The Democratic standard bearer who won the popular vote but lost the 2000 presidential election in the Electoral … More…

Ted Cruz speaks at Values Voters Summit 2011 Gage Skidmore (540×360)

Ted Cruz Is the GOP’s Flavor of the Month

How can you tell we’re three long years from the next presidential election? When you see a lot about the presidential prospects for fringe candidates like freshman Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Lately Cruz has excited Republican voters with his … More…

House Republican leadership gives press conference in April (540×359)

Republicans Are Still Main Culprit in Beltway Gridlock

Following his defeat over legislation that would close the “gun show” loophole; stalled immigration reform, and a setback over FAA funding in the automatic spending “sequester,” President Obama is facing a torrent of media criticism that he’s lost his “juice.”More…

Rembrandts The Night Watch Ellis Art History (540×450)

Can Capitalism Still Deliver the Goods?

Nearly five years after the fall of Lehman Brothers, global free market capitalism is still struggling.

Europe is mired in recession and a debt crisis; some of its countries are in depression. The UK has entered a “triple-dip” recession. Once-hot … More…

President Obama at April 30 White House press conference (540×405)

Obama Tries to Avoid Health Care ‘Train Wreck’

President Obama was on the defensive during much of Tuesday’s White House press conference, but he pushed back at NBC’s Chuck Todd’s question about worries over implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

…For the 85 to 90 percent of


Kermit Gosnell

Philadelphia Abortion Horror Case Has Hard Lessons

A jury will now decide the fate of abortionist Kermit Gosnell following eight weeks of grisly testimony about his “house of horrors” clinic in West Philadelphia.

Prosecutors brought 54 witnesses to the stand to prove their case against Gosnell, who … More…

Citizen Journalism Damage in Aleppo Syria in February  Aleppo Media Center (540×376)

The Stakes Are Rising in Syria

President Obama may be facing a big test of his leadership as he acknowledged last Friday that “we now have some evidence that chemical weapons have been used on the populations in Syria.”

Although he dubbed those findings “preliminary assessments,” … More…