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To Friends of The Independent Agenda:

You might have noticed no emails and new postings from The Independent Agenda over the last two weeks.

That was not  intentional. As the 2012 election campaign unfolds and the  debate over America’s future continues, we have been stepping up our coverage.

But about two weeks ago, this site was invaded and incapacitated by a virus  attack, which several of you reported to me.  The virus latched on to some key sub-folders of our site, so in removing it we had to   take those parts down.

I’ve been working with the web hosting service to restore the site, and my excellent designer has been rebuilding it to get the look and features we had before. I’m told it should be ready in time for tomorrow’s primaries in Michigan and Arizona.

I apologize for the hiatus, especially when so many of you have become loyal followers. But I hope you’ll understand that as a sole proprietor, I don’t have a dedicated IT department to get things up to speed in 24 hours.

I’m hoping some additional security measures we’ve introduced will help prevent this from happening again.

Thanks for your patience and please keep reading us and participating in The Independent Agenda community.


Howard R. Gold
Founder and Blogger in Chief
The Independent Agenda
Political Commentary for Reasonable People R

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