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Paul Ryan Named as VP Nominee

Ryan Is a Bold and Good Choice for Romney

The selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate shows three things about the Republican presidential candidate.

First, Romney actually has it in him to take chances. “I think this is the boldest thing I’ve seen Romney … More…

Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas Sands in Singapore 2010.

Supreme Court Likes Citizens United Just Fine

In its second big ruling Monday, the Supreme Court brushed aside without a hearing Montana’s challenge to the notorious Citizens United decision of 2010, which opened the floodgates to unrestrained campaign contributions by corporations and wealthy individuals as long as … More…

Scott Walker celebrates recall victory

What Scott Walker’s Recall Victory Means

In the end, it wasn’t even close.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defeated Democratic challenger Tom Barrett by 53%-46%, just about the same margin by which he prevailed in 2010. But the spread was much higher than many pundits had predicted, … More…

Obama at Associated Press luncheon.

The Gladiators Enter the Arena

With Tuesday’s sweep of primaries in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and especially Wisconsin, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is now going to be the Republican presidential candidate.

Intrade, the electronic prediction market, gives him a 95% chance of winning More…

April Rally for a Referendum

Ohio Voters Beat Back the “Shock Doctrine”

The votes are in, and by almost a two-to-one majority, Ohio voters rejected Republican Gov. John Kasich… More…

Wisconsin union protests 2011

Class Warfare Anyone?

It… More…

devalpatrick1a (240×159)

Democrats Embrace the “Shock Doctrine”

Just a couple of months ago, Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was the Prince of Darkness in Democratic circles.

The newly elected governor had rammed … More…