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Mitt Romney in Iowa

Winners and Losers in the Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa caucuses are over, thank God, amid a neck-and-neck battle that had former Gov. Mitt Romney best former Sen. Rick Santorum by just eight… More…

Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Did GOP Leader Admit the Stimulus Worked?

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) gave President Obama a pretty stunning backhanded compliment on “Morning Joe” Thursday.

The House Majority Whip and one of… More…

John Heilemann of New York magazine.

Media Says Run, Christie, Run

The Beltway media loves a good battle, and nothing has captivated it more than Chris Christie… More…

Rep. Eric Cantor

The Party of Maybe

Democrats were smiling Thursday night as President Obama presented his latest jobs plan to a joint session of Congress, but Republican Congressional leaders were notably unhappy.

After all, they had put this president on the ropes and now he was … More…