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President Obama meets Congressional leaders

Another DC Deadlock

Here we go again.

A likely vote in the House of Representatives Tuesday will confirm what we already know: The bill passed by the US Senate extending the payroll tax cut is dead.

In a deal struck by Senate leaders … More…

Angry Tea Party protesters in 2009.

Take a Deep Breath, GOP Voters

Republican voters are really, really angry. They’re angry with the economy, angry with the government, and most of all, they’re very, very angry with President Obama. In fact they’ve been fuming since his election and especially since the passage of … More…

A politician giving a speech

The Speech About Jobs No Politician Would Make

This is a mythical speech about the economy by a mythical politician. Any relation to real political figures is purely coincidental.… More…

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Is Rick Perry Too Extreme for Independents?

Two new polls on Wednesday put Texas Gov. Rick Perry comfortably in the lead for the GOP presidential nomination among Republican voters. His margin over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the former front runner, was a cushy 12 or 13 … More…

davidplouffe–Obama For America–California


Friday… More…

Oil Prices at the pump

What Really Worries Americans Most

Yes, Americans are worried about the economy, and President Obama and his advisers are increasingly anxious over how that may affect his re-election.

But when pollsters for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal askedMore…