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Gov. Romney and Gov. Perry

Perry Flip Flops on Social Security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have the cojones to shoot a coyote while jogging, but when it comes to standing his ground on a controversial position that could hurt him politically, it’s another story.

Clearly stung by opponents’ attacks—particularly … More…

President Obama speaks to Congress on jobs

Obama and Romney Target the Tea Party

They say great minds think alike, although using that term to describe politicians is usually a futile exercise.

But in President Obama… More…

Rep. Michelle Bachmann in Iowa

The Race Is Joined

Labor Day weekend is over, and the presidential election campaign goes into high gear.

Wait a minute… More…

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Is Rick Perry Too Extreme for Independents?

Two new polls on Wednesday put Texas Gov. Rick Perry comfortably in the lead for the GOP presidential nomination among Republican voters. His margin over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the former front runner, was a cushy 12 or 13 … More…

Oil fields

Oh, No, Iraq Wasn't a War for Oil

President George W. Bush and his supporters always found high-minded rationales for the US invasion of Iraq.

It was, at different times, a war to stop Saddam Hussein from using his weapons of mass destruction; a retaliation for the September … More…