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Paul Krugman speaks in San Francisco.

Krugman Vs. Rogoff on Austerity and Growth

Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman doesn’t suffer fools—or Republicans—gladly, especially if their arguments cut close to his deeply held Keynesian beliefs.

That’s why he’s engaged in brass-knuckles academic guerilla warfare with maybe the fastest rising … More…

Steven Rattner charts

Where the Job Growth Really Is

Steven Rattner, former investment banker and President Obama’s car czar, is a must-watch when he brings his charts to “Morning Joe,” where he serves as an economic analyst.

He brought some much-needed perspective on Monday morning, as the kerfuffle about … More…

President Obama meets Congressional leaders

Another DC Deadlock

Here we go again.

A likely vote in the House of Representatives Tuesday will confirm what we already know: The bill passed by the US Senate extending the payroll tax cut is dead.

In a deal struck by Senate leaders … More…

Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Did GOP Leader Admit the Stimulus Worked?

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) gave President Obama a pretty stunning backhanded compliment on “Morning Joe” Thursday.

The House Majority Whip and one of… More…

The President Gets a Do-Over

If at first you don… More…

President Obama at Chrysler Plant

President's Latest “Plan” Is Too Little, Too Late

Reports are surfacing that President Obama is preparing a fall offensive on the economy. He wants to combine short-term stimulus to boost job creation with longer-term deficit reduction .

Some of the ideas reportedly include giving tax cuts for businesses … More…

President Obama Signing Health Care Reform Bill

Grading President Obama on the Economy

The economy has hit a rough patch and now people are wondering if

we’re moving into a double dip or even a new recession.

Policies of both Republican and Democratic administrations and the Federal Reserve  probably prevented a depression, but … More…