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President George H.W. Bush

Who Were the Real Fraud Busters?

Faced with a banking crisis and an epidemic of white-collar crime, the president convened a special meeting of 88 top prosecutors and declared war on fraud, as The Los Angeles Times reported:

“We will not rest until the cheats


G8 Leaders Canada 2010

It’s a Crisis in Leadership, Too

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, the world’s leaders and central bankers acted decisively. They saved the financial system, pumped liquidity into the markets, and used Keynesian policies to jump start economies on life support.

They were bold and … More…

Rush Limbaugh

Right-Wing Talkers Blame Media, Not Cain

As the scandal over Herman Cain… More…

French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Davos 2011.

Euro Deal May Save Sarkozy’s Derri

Global markets are staging a huge relief rally after French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced a dramatic overnight … More…

David Axelrod

Attacking Romney’s Achilles Heel

The pundits have big doubts about whether former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination for president, and he… More…

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin…

…is not running for president.
I hope this is the first and last time the former half-term governor of Alaska is mentioned on this blog.

“Now Is Not My Time”

“So, New Jersey, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.”
In the end, his heart and his gut told him not to run for president.… More…
John Heilemann of New York magazine.

Media Says Run, Christie, Run

The Beltway media loves a good battle, and nothing has captivated it more than Chris Christie… More…