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Romney NH victory speech

Romney Throws Down the Gauntlet to Obama

The New Hampshire primary seems like ancient history now, and so does former Massachusetts Gov.… More…

Angry Tea Party protesters in 2009.

Take a Deep Breath, GOP Voters

Republican voters are really, really angry. They’re angry with the economy, angry with the government, and most of all, they’re very, very angry with President Obama. In fact they’ve been fuming since his election and especially since the passage of … More…

President Obama at Chrysler Plant

President's Latest “Plan” Is Too Little, Too Late

Reports are surfacing that President Obama is preparing a fall offensive on the economy. He wants to combine short-term stimulus to boost job creation with longer-term deficit reduction .

Some of the ideas reportedly include giving tax cuts for businesses … More…

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid

Democrats’ Distress

It… More…

President Obama Signing Health Care Reform Bill

Grading President Obama on the Economy

The economy has hit a rough patch and now people are wondering if

we’re moving into a double dip or even a new recession.

Policies of both Republican and Democratic administrations and the Federal Reserve  probably prevented a depression, but … More…