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Fox News Debate

Gingrich and Romney Hang in, But Paul Falls

Thursday night’s Fox News Republican presidential debate marked the official end of the 2012 campaign’s pre-season. The opening night kickoff is January 3rd at the Iowa caucuses.

The debate, extremely well moderated by a smart, well-prepared team of Fox … More…

Angry Tea Party protesters in 2009.

Take a Deep Breath, GOP Voters

Republican voters are really, really angry. They’re angry with the economy, angry with the government, and most of all, they’re very, very angry with President Obama. In fact they’ve been fuming since his election and especially since the passage of … More…

Mitt Romney

Romney’s Flawed Rope a Dope Strategy

Joe Kernen put it best on CNBC Tuesday morning. Describing the difficulties of getting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to appear on Squawk Box, he likened Team Romney’s approach to the “rope a dope” strategy adopted by boxing legend Muhammad … More…
Newt Gingrich

Newt Surges While Mitt Sags

Suddenly the Republican presidential race is up for grabs in an unexpected way: former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has jumped into first place in some national polls, and has surged in polls of early caucus state Iowa and … More…

Karl Rove

GOP Elders Try to Rein in the Crazies

Texas Gov. Rick Perry… More…

Gov. Rick Perry

Rick Perry Is Fading Fast

How the mighty have fallen!

Just two months ago Gov. Rick Perry stormed into the Republican presidential race like a Texas steer on a cattle run. His trademark Texas swagger and hard-line conservative principles vaulted him to the top of … More…

President Obama campaigning in San Francisco

Which Side Are You On?

The battle for President Obama… More…

Gov. Rick Perry

Conservatives Are Dumping Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry had his third consecutive bad debate Thursday night in Orlando, Fla. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney continued to hammer him on Social Security and… More…

Gov. Romney and Gov. Perry

Perry Flip Flops on Social Security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have the cojones to shoot a coyote while jogging, but when it comes to standing his ground on a controversial position that could hurt him politically, it’s another story.

Clearly stung by opponents’ attacks—particularly … More…

President Obama speaks to Congress on jobs

Obama and Romney Target the Tea Party

They say great minds think alike, although using that term to describe politicians is usually a futile exercise.

But in President Obama… More…