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Fox News Debate

Gingrich and Romney Hang in, But Paul Falls

Thursday night’s Fox News Republican presidential debate marked the official end of the 2012 campaign’s pre-season. The opening night kickoff is January 3rd at the Iowa caucuses.

The debate, extremely well moderated by a smart, well-prepared team of Fox … More…

Gov. Romney and Gov. Perry

Perry Flip Flops on Social Security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have the cojones to shoot a coyote while jogging, but when it comes to standing his ground on a controversial position that could hurt him politically, it’s another story.

Clearly stung by opponents’ attacks—particularly … More…

Gov. Mitt Romney

Republicans Jump the Gun on Jobs

As President Obama prepares to unveil his latest plan to revive the ailing economy, some of his Republican opponents have preempted him with jobs plans of their own.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney is the latest, with a slick, 159-page plan More…