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Sergey Aleynikov, left, a former programmer at Goldman Sachs, with his lawyer Kevin Marino outside the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York.

Justice for Goldman But Not for Its Enemies

On Thursday Goldman Sachs, the powerful Wall Street investment firm, hit the trifecta in a way that says a lot about who really gets justice in America.

First, the Department of Justice announced it would not be pursuing criminal charges … More…

Photo of Trader from Shutterstock

Wall Street May Have Too Many Psychopaths

I’ve been a big critic of Wall Street for years. In 2002, during then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s investigation of Merrill Lynch’s rip off of individual investors during the dot-com bubble, I described the Wall Street culture as corrupt … More…

Coverage of the CNN Florida Republican Debate in Jacksonville, FL. David S. Holloway/CNN

The Scorched Earth Primary

The Florida Republican presidential primary is coming to an end, thank God! Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will almost certainly win comfortably, putting him back on the road to the nomination after his loss in South Carolina. His principal rival, … More…