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Rupert Murdoch speaks at Davos in 2009.

GOP Honchos Read Romney the Riot Act

Just a few weeks ago, President Obama’s re-election campaign appeared to be foundering. Now it’s Mitt Romney’s turn.

Since the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on immigration and health care reform, the future Republican presidential nominee has been reeling.

The … More…

April Rally for a Referendum

Ohio Voters Beat Back the “Shock Doctrine”

The votes are in, and by almost a two-to-one majority, Ohio voters rejected Republican Gov. John Kasich… More…

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney Comes Clean–Sort of

For years, Fox News Channel… More…

Rep. Eric Cantor

The Party of Maybe

Democrats were smiling Thursday night as President Obama presented his latest jobs plan to a joint session of Congress, but Republican Congressional leaders were notably unhappy.

After all, they had put this president on the ropes and now he was … More…