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Fehrnstrom and Cutter on Face the Nation (540×405)

Paul Ryan Isn’t Elevating the Race

When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney named Rep. Paul Ryan his running mate, there was lots of speculation that it would raise the level of conversation on the Big Issues of the campaign.

Beltway pundits seemed to envision a cross … More…

Obama Romney Tax Ad

Team Obama Finds Its Killer App

After throwing everything at Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney including the kitchen sink, President Obama’s re-election brain trust may have finally found its best argument.

It’s not Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, which drew blood earlier this summer, nor … More…

Shaul Mofaz with Tzipi Livni in background

Netanyahu Strengthens His Hand

The stunning victory of former defense minister Shaul Mofaz in the Kadima Party’s primary last week was significant for two reasons: It may have marked the end of US favorite Tzipi Livni’s political career and may help Israeli Prime Minister … More…

Romney NH victory speech

Romney Throws Down the Gauntlet to Obama

The New Hampshire primary seems like ancient history now, and so does former Massachusetts Gov.… More…

Rick Santorum on eve of Iowa caucus

It’s Time to End the Iowa Caucuses

There’s been lots of grumbling in the media lately about the Iowa caucuses and the supposedly disproportionate role they play in the process of electing a president.

Because of their strange format, a small number of motivated activists in both … More…

President George H.W. Bush

Who Were the Real Fraud Busters?

Faced with a banking crisis and an epidemic of white-collar crime, the president convened a special meeting of 88 top prosecutors and declared war on fraud, as The Los Angeles Times reported:

“We will not rest until the cheats


G8 Leaders Canada 2010

It’s a Crisis in Leadership, Too

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, the world’s leaders and central bankers acted decisively. They saved the financial system, pumped liquidity into the markets, and used Keynesian policies to jump start economies on life support.

They were bold and … More…

Sen. Marco Rubio

A Quiet Blow to Romney

Two new NBC News-Marist polls out this morning put Mitt Romney in the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire, two states whose early caucus and primary, respectively, often set the tone for the rest of the primary season.

But last … More…

John Heilemann of New York magazine.

Media Says Run, Christie, Run

The Beltway media loves a good battle, and nothing has captivated it more than Chris Christie… More…

State Sen. Obama at the 2004 DNC

President Obama's Real Problem

Back in July 2004, an obscure state senator from Illinois, running for the US Senate seat, rocketed to international fame with an electrifying keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

The Speech, as it came to be known, … More…