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Former President George W. Bush

The Curse of the Bush Tax Cuts

Updated July 15, 2012

It’s the summer of 2012, President George W. Bush has been out of office for 3 ½ years, and  the biggest issue of the presidential campaign is whether to keep his signature tax cuts, which were … More…

Herman Cain

Lowering Cain

Businessman Herman Cain made it official Saturday:… More…

Conservatives Go Ga Ga for Cain

As Herman Cain sprints past former Gov. Mitt Romney into first place among GOP presidential candidates, Republicans need to remember a little history. Recent history.

In late 2009, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was in serious trouble. Wildly unpopular in … More…

Gov. Rick Perry

Rick Perry Is Fading Fast

How the mighty have fallen!

Just two months ago Gov. Rick Perry stormed into the Republican presidential race like a Texas steer on a cattle run. His trademark Texas swagger and hard-line conservative principles vaulted him to the top of … More…