Romney Throws Down the Gauntlet to Obama

The New Hampshire primary seems like ancient history now, and so does former Massachusetts Gov.

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One Response to Romney Throws Down the Gauntlet to Obama

  1. Silvia Marquis January 14, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    Anything goes to make a dollar is NOT Capitalism. Under your strict definition drug dealers are Capitalists like Mitt Romney.The drug dealer or corporate raider are both wrong. Newt Gingrich have a right and obligation to attack these forms of Capitalism. The business venture was three separate parameters is it moral, ethical, or legal. The drug dealer is immoral and illegal. Mitt Romney is immoral and unethical. Mitt Romney is not and NEVER was in business to create jobs and never will be. Mitt Romney wants to make money and any human cost incurred is inconsequential. To the point Mitt Romney’s claims of job creation are simply not true because he never created any net jobs here. Mitt Romney out sourced jobs to China and Mexico. Mitt Romney has cost US jobs. Mitt Romney is a proven Liar that is the definition of what a flip-flopper is.

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