Newt Surges While Mitt Sags

Suddenly the Republican presidential race is up for grabs in an unexpected way: former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has jumped into first place in some national polls, and has surged in polls of early caucus state Iowa and first-in-the-nation primary New Hampshire.

He becomes the latest to vault past former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as the

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One Response to Newt Surges While Mitt Sags

  1. john December 2, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    “Mitt Romney hasn’t been able to assuage the persistent doubt that he is all about expediency.”

    What is wrong with admitting this? I have never before seen a year when every Republican leader has so openly declared their commitment to expediency, namely to the one goal of un-electing President Obama.

    They seem to have no other goal; not job creation; not a rational and measured solution to the debt problem; not a rational realignment of our global policies to a changing world. Herman Cain stupidly butchered the name of one of the key Central Asian republics (Uzbekistan) through which our troops’ supplies may have to pass, after the Pakistan problems. Why? One could go on and on. The bottom line is, they don’t deserve to win, because they have not proposed any credible plans.

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