Congress May Cut Debt the Easy Way

You can always count on Congress to do the stupidest things in the ugliest ways.

Their latest debacle: the collapse of the so-called super committee that was supposed to find over $1 trillion in deficit reductions. Republicans and Democrats couldn

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One Response to Congress May Cut Debt the Easy Way

  1. Don Maatz November 27, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    The idea of congress doing nothing for the next 14 months is actually very appealing, at least from a making my drive to and from work while listening to NPR more pleasant perspective.

    That being said, they will never leave anything alone. While I have no idea what the income tax rate should be, or what reimbursement Medicare should pay physicians, etc. I am confident that all of the members of congress, via the various lobbying groups, think they know the answer and will do everything in their power to make we want to yell at my radio. Sigh….

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