Oil fields

Oh, No, Iraq Wasn't a War for Oil

President George W. Bush and his supporters always found high-minded rationales for the US invasion of Iraq.

It was, at different times, a war to stop Saddam Hussein from using his weapons of mass destruction; a retaliation for the September … More…

Oil Prices at the pump

What Really Worries Americans Most

Yes, Americans are worried about the economy, and President Obama and his advisers are increasingly anxious over how that may affect his re-election.

But when pollsters for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal askedMore…

Joe Biden

The Budget Deal's Sacrificial Lamb

Bipartisan budget negotiations led by Vice-President Joe Biden are quietly making progress. Word is that both parties have agreed on about $1 trillion in spending cuts, which Republicans have said are necessary to extend the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling ahead … More…

Ron Paul

MIA on Housing

With more than 28% of US homes worth less than the value of the underlying mortgages and millions of homeowners in or near foreclosure, the housing depression has kept this from being a … More…

The Tea Party's Mirror Image

Democratic candidate Kathy Hochul's recent victory over Republican Jane Corwin in a special election in New York's deeply Republican 26th congressional district may have been a shot in the arm for Democrats eager to take back control of the House … More…

An Independent Agenda

Liberals and conservatives have both reached the limits of their ideologies, and both have failed in different ways (see “Where Liberals Failed” and “Where Conservatives Failed”).

So, what would an independent alternative look like?

First, it … More…