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What I’ll Be Watching Tonight

Election Day—finally! If you’re ready for this campaign to end, then believe me, so am I.

Here are some things I’ll be watching, blogging, and tweeting about as the evening goes on. I’ll be focusing on critical counties in the … More…

Final Senate Map 2012

Who Will Control the Broken Senate?

The upcoming Senate elections will affect everything from confirmations of judges and Cabinet officers to the next president’s ability to escape the dreaded fiscal cliff in January.

And with Republicans poised to win the House of Representatives comfortably, my final … More…

Final Electoral Map 2012

And the Winner Will Be….

This is it, folks. What may be the longest—and certainly is the most expensive—presidential campaign ends Tuesday. And then all the polling, politicking and pontificating will be over. The American people will vote. Who will they choose?

I’ve examined RealClearPolitics’ More…

President Obama comforts New Jersey resident as he tours damage from Sandy

A Slight Tailwind for President Obama

Friday’s strong jobs report is just the latest of several recent events that may give a small boost to President Obama going into the last weekend before the election.

The Labor Department’s October employment report showed much stronger jobs growth … More…

President Obama and Chris Christie speak with Brigantine residents (540×360)

Real Leadership, Finally!

Yes, President Obama’s visit to the storm-ravaged Jersey Shore was a glorified photo-op. And yes, Gov. Chris Christie’s effusive praise of the president seemed a bit over the top. But I do think something important happened Wednesday during their trip … More…

Early Voting in Iowa

The Choice We Face

America, we are told, is at a crossroads in this election.

For Republicans, this is our last chance to reverse the inexorable move to bigger and bigger government. For Democrats, this may be our last chance to protect the social More…

President Obama in Oval Office August 2012

The Case for Obama

President Obama came into office during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Financial markets were in turmoil and the country was hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs a month. Banks were shaky and anxiety was high.

The president and his team … More…

Mitt Romney campaigns in Charleston, SC

The Case for Romney

The case for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is straightforward: The president hasn’t done the job. I can. Fire him and hire me.

The Romney campaign and his surrogates have tried to make a blanket condemnation of President Obama’s handling … More…

Hurricane Sandy seen from space Flickr EUMETSAT (540×454)

Sandy Was a Perfect Catastrophe

By the time Sandy hit landfall near Atlantic City, NJ, it was a “post-tropical storm,” not even technically a hurricane.

But this lethal combination of high winds and extremely low pressure caused damage and destruction beyond what anyone could have … More…

Investor Poll October 2012a (540×405)

Investors Give Romney a Big Vote of Confidence

A week before Election Day, the results of a new®/The Independent Agenda® Investor Class Poll will not be welcomed by President Obama.

Nearly two-thirds (64.2%) of the 1,005 investors who responded to the survey plan to vote for former … More…