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Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 2002

A Great Voice Stilled

The world’s greatest living novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, may no longer be able to write because of dementia, his brother has said.

Garcia Marquez, 85, who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1982, was the giant of the new … More…

Trayvon Martin’s parents at protest in New York against his death David Shankbone

Martin Killing Casts Shadow on All-Powerful NRA

The outrageous death of 17-year-old African-American Trayvon Martin, allegedly at the hands of a deranged wannabe vigilante in Sanford, Florida, has been a miscarriage of justice in many ways.

Incompetent police and obtuse politicians have bungled the case. Nearly a … More…

Live-Blogging the CNN Presidential Debate–3

Live-Blogging the CNN Presidential Debate–3

CHARLESTON, SC 9:20: John King asks the candidates what each would do differently.

Newt Gingrich says he would be an “idea-oriented” candidate from the get-go rather than hiring consultants.

Mitt Romney says he would like to get “25 more votes … More…

Live Blogging the NBC News Facebook NH Debate–2

9:32 We’re back from break, and all the candidates are talking about budgets and tax reform. They’re all against higher taxes! Amazing!

Gregory asks them how’d they work with a Congress that vowed to replace them. Gingrich says he did … More…

Gov. Romney and Gov. Perry

Perry Flip Flops on Social Security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have the cojones to shoot a coyote while jogging, but when it comes to standing his ground on a controversial position that could hurt him politically, it’s another story.

Clearly stung by opponents’ attacks—particularly … More…

John McCain

Empire Is No More?

Almost lost among the 9/11 remembrances was a striking interview Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, gave to Fox News Sunday.

As reported by The Huffington Post, Sen. McCain declared that he didnMore…

Rep. Eric Cantor

The Party of Maybe

Democrats were smiling Thursday night as President Obama presented his latest jobs plan to a joint session of Congress, but Republican Congressional leaders were notably unhappy.

After all, they had put this president on the ropes and now he was … More…

World Trade Center Lights

Living Well Is the Best Revenge

Fortunately I never made it into work on September 11, 2001.

I worked at Dow Jones in the World Financial Center, right across West Street from the World Trade Center. I was running late that day, preparing for a rare … More…

President Obama speaks to Congress on jobs

Obama and Romney Target the Tea Party

They say great minds think alike, although using that term to describe politicians is usually a futile exercise.

But in President Obama… More…

Gov. Mitt Romney

Republicans Jump the Gun on Jobs

As President Obama prepares to unveil his latest plan to revive the ailing economy, some of his Republican opponents have preempted him with jobs plans of their own.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney is the latest, with a slick, 159-page plan More…