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2nd Term Inauguration White House Photo Sonya N Hebert (540×360)

What the Obama Presidency Really Means

President Obama is still in the first year of his second term and a lot will happen between now and 2016, but we already can glimpse what his legacy will be.

As I’ve written, the trio of scandals that … More…

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A Century Later, Big Questions about the Income Tax and the Fed

This year we celebrate—if that’s the word for it—the 100th anniversary of the federal income tax and the founding of the Federal Reserve system.

They were born in 1913 through the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and an … More…

Scooter Libby found guilty of perjury 2007 ABC News (540×287)

So Far, Obama Has a Pretty Clean Record

If you listen to Fox News and Republican congressmen, you’d think that the Obama administration is a cesspool of Chicago-style corruption.

And indeed the confluence of Benghazi, the IRS’s political profiling of Tea Party groups over their tax-exempt … More…

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Much, Much Worse Than Benghazi

The very worst disaster ever to befall U.S. diplomats and military in a foreign country did not occur in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012, when four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed by terrorists.

Nor did it … More…

Hillary Clinton lays a wreath at US embassy in Kenya in 2009 ceremony Flickr State Dept

Worse Than Benghazi

Yes, the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate (or CIA station) in Benghazi, Libya on September 11,  2012 was a disaster—and badly handled by the State Department beforehand and the Obama Administration afterward.

A special investigation headed by former … More…


Why President Obama Will Survive the Scandals

On Wednesday, President Obama struck back against a rising chorus of criticism in Congress and the media over his handling of a trio of scandals that have rocked Washington.

  • He announced that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has asked for and
  • More…

AP Scandal Shows Dangers of National Security State

AP Scandal Shows Dangers of National Security State

So, now we have the third in what has become a perfect storm of scandals for the Obama Administration.

After Benghazi and the IRS’s political profiling of conservative groups for special scrutiny of their tax-exempt status, we now have the … More…

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IRS Scandal Is Outrageous, But It’s Not Watergate

In a week full of media outrage—from the semi-scandal, at best, of Benghazi, to the truly frightening and dangerous Justice Department investigation of the Associated Press (which I’ll write about Wednesday), the IRS’s  targeting of conservative groups for More…

President Obama and PM David Cameron at White House

Pushing Back on Benghazi

Last week’s hearings on Benghazi by the House Oversight Committee must have hit a nerve, because President Obama blasted his critics at a joint White House news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Labeling it a “political circus,” the More…

President Obama with top legislative and economic advisers in the White House Pete Souza (540×360)

Four Ways President Obama Can Cement His Legacy

President Obama is going through one of the periodic rough patches of his presidency. From the collapse of his campaign against the automatic spending cuts in the “sequester” to the failure to pass universal background checks for gun purchases, … More…