Who’s the Biggest Spender of Them All?

Republican leaders and presidential candidates have blasted President Obama for adding more federal debt than any president in history.

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2 Responses to Who’s the Biggest Spender of Them All?

  1. kingscairn December 15, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    Mr gold “Since the current administration is responsible for only two budgets–fiscal 2010 and fiscal 2011, which ends next month, let’s say the revenue shortfalls were responsible for $600-$700 million of the higher debt,” which is totally misleading because the Obama Regime hasn’t done a budget plan since moving into our house..and Duh uh ! No tax revenues, well yeah ah, because of obama’s disruptive fiscal policies, NO BODY’s WORKING!
    Of course the entitlements are expolding when he does everything possible to freak out the markets and corporations so he can put Cloward and Pivens tactics to work undermining the free enterprise system by loading it up with putting the masses on the dole planning for collapse ! (sure you think that’s kooky–but of course, through your jaded eyes, you would )

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